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Welcome to By Sarah McLeod. When I first designed this site it was simply to link to all my websites to make it easier for myself... Since then it has grown into a resource I can share with you.

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Above are the Category Pages, About page, Blog and Sitemap. The Legal pages are found in the footer of the Site. All the other Pages come under each of these three Menu Items. You will find a Menu In the Header and after the Content of each Page.  This should help you navigate the by Sarah McLeod site... Or you can search the Sitemap to find what you want.

A Warm Welcome To You...

I urge you to look around the by Sarah McLeod site. As I build out the site you will have a horde of information at your fingertips. As this is the core site that leads to all my sites and products it will grow as new content is released. Initially as I get started there are limited links so I have added information to help you within the pages.  The blog will explain where I am at in this continuing online journey.  

I can see the full picture of what I aim to achieve.  Each section of my overall plan links to and from this website. Some of my pears believe I have taken on too much for one person, but it is not a marathon for me, it is a labor of love. Because I truly love creating websites and now I am developing products as well.

I needed an income and this method works well for me...

Consider how this site can help you...

You may be a passing visitor or your thinking about doing something online to add to your income or enjoyment...


I have a process that I share that can help you regardless of what your interest is.  It does not matter if you have never built a website, created a product or even a video. There is always something that may catch your attention. Stay tuned I have to learn video creation next, that could be a laugh.

Online you use a number of tools. Tools like email. What you never thought of sending email as a tool? For an Online Business it is the biggest tool, a way to stay in contact with the customers. You build a list of customers using an Autoresponder and that is another Tool.  You need Tools for your Video Production. These same tools can be used for professionals or for your Family productions. There are Programs to teach you how to create and edit your video productions. There are also tools to create those videos without being on camera. And what about hosting your videos so everyone can see them.  What if you decide to have your own website. You will require Hosting and the tools to run that website. Well I cover that as well. You may need something to sell from your website if you have nothing right now. Maybe you just need ideas to get you motivated. Or maybe you simply are not interested in building an online anything, but you are looking for information on your favorite hobby.

Now is a good time to add any suggestions as to topics you might like to see. While I am still developing sites and products. What would you like to see in the Stores. That is a huge project I am working on and again all these projects will link to this website by Sarah McLeod.  Ambitious I know but what else would I be doing if I was not building these sites for you to visit.  The only option would to be sitting at home, bored because there is nothing worth watching on TV and there is only so many times I can walk around the block before that novelty wears off. No I would rather persist with my websites and turning you into my favorite customer. If you like what you see then you might share with your friends and so on and so on...

Seriously use the links in each of the three sections Recommended, My Websites or Products to find more content. You can read my Sarah McLeod blog for the latest news. So take your time to look around. Bookmark the Pages you like and share with the social links.

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